I've been keeping an eye on all the best AI art generators and I couldn't resist sharing this comprehensive overview of all of the best alternatives to Midjourney (as it's currently the best option) with all of you. Many of these are free which makes them perfect for beginners.

S: MidJourney

A: DALL-E 2 | Nightcafe AI | Leonardo AI

B: Deep Dream Generator | Stable Diffusion | DreamlikeArt

C: Craiyon (DALL-E mini) | Dream (by WOMBO) | Runway ML | Canva (paid) | Fotor

D: ArtBreeder | DeepAI | Jasper Art | Photosonic | Dream Studio (Stable Diffusion) | Lensa AI (paid)

F: Pixray | Google Imagine | Wonder AI | AI Green Screen | AI Picasso | AI Time Machine | MyHeritage | Hotpot AI | Synthesys X | Text to Pokemon AISEO | CF Spark | Dawn AI | Google Muse AI | Picsart Pictory AI | Reface App | Shutterstock | StableCog

Last Updated: 21. May.2023

AI Art Generator Video Tutorial:

Learning AI Art

While jumping in and generating some images might be one of the best ways to start learning we compiled a free guide that will save you hours on your journey to becoming more skilled with generative AI.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Variety of Models: Many AI models are available but only a few are worth your attention. While Midjourney is the best, it does cost money, so I curated a list of the best alternatives from across the internet.
  2. Not all are equal: Many of these yield similarly average results with the exception of AI art platforms such as Leonardo which offers an array of AI models to choose from. These models, some of which are superb at specific use cases, can be further fine-tuned with personal data.
  3. Potential for Improvement: Many platforms have room for improvement, with some only being beneficial for niche use cases. However, regular updates also mean there is the potential for rapid progression so we will keep updating this tier list as the space progresses.
  4. Recommended Platform: Leonardo is a great place to start because of its wide range of models and fine-tuning capabilities.

After spending 100s of hours within these apps my best advice would be to experiment and explore different platforms, models, and techniques. There is no one best AI art generator. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, and finding the best one for you will largely depend on your specific goals and personal preferences.


Q: Are all of these free?
A: While most of them offer a free trial, not every single app mentioned above is completely free.

Q: What is the best one to start with?
A: As mentioned, Leonardo AI is currently a fantastic starting point as their free trial includes enough generations to get going and their fine-tuning offers advanced capabilities you can grow into over time.

Q: Are there other AI Image Generators out there?
A: Yes, we did our best to collect our personal Best AI Art Generators but if your preferred generator is not included feel free to leave a comment below and we will consider adding it.