Hey there! I'm Igor,

the founder of The AI Advantage and a passionate tech enthusiast.

I work tirelessly to enhance your interactions with tools like ChatGPT, aiming to make them more effective and efficient.

Through my YouTube videos, Public Speaking, Newsletter, and now the AI Advantage Community, I explore hands-on ways to utilize AI to benefit your needs. It's all about unlocking that extra edge you deserve in your personal and professional pursuits.

Chris Madden, Ole Lehmann, Igor Pogany
Chris Madden, Ole Lehmann, Igor Pogany

Why Did I Start The AI Advantage?

🎓 So, I didn't wake up one day and just know how to use AI to improve productivity and assist with entrepreneurial ambitions. It took months of trial and error, a lot of teaching one-on-one, and way too much coffee. But here I am, and I've learned a lot along the way.

💡 It all started with an idea. What if I could help others skip all the stumbling around I did? That's how The AI Advantage was born - out of a deep-seated desire to share what I'd learned and help others unlock their vast potential in the upcoming AI-dominated economy we are entering.

🔑 I've always believed that the key to success is dancing with the change, not fighting it. And I'm here to help you find your rhythm in this new dance.

Speaking to The Global AI Community

My commitment to this dance has led me beyond the confines of my own learning and into the global stage, speaking at conferences and engaging with the AI community worldwide. These experiences have been invaluable, allowing me not just to share my insights but to immerse myself in the wealth of knowledge from other AI enthusiasts, creators, and leaders from top AI companies. Every conversation, every interaction, is an opportunity to learn something new and to bring a richer perspective back to The AI Advantage Community.

It's through these engagements that I continue to grow, fueled by the inspiring encounters and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas.


Quick Facts About Me

🎓 I'm like a sponge when it comes to learning new things. Let me tell you, I've dabbled in pretty much everything (I had time for so far), from video production and Python programming to carpentry and scuba diving. It's quite a mix, right?

🗣️ My childhood was, how shall I put it? A linguistic rollercoaster. We moved every three years, which was crazy, but it also turned me into this multilingual kid that is used to adapting. I'm fluent in English (from school and university), German (thanks to growing up in Austria), and Slovak (shout out to both my parents).

🏄‍♂️ Favorite sports? Everything that involves a board! Kitesurfing, snowboarding, longboarding, surfing – you name it, I'm game. Give me a day off, and you'll find me on some board, somewhere, having the time of my life.



📨 Email – If you've got something longer on your mind, shoot me an email at (igor@myaiadvantage.com). I may not be able to respond to each email, but I promise you this – I read every single one and reply to as many as my busy schedule allows for.

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