Learn how to integrate AI into your life, one use case at a time


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This is where the endless hunt for practical AI Use Cases across the internet ends.

My team and I do the heavy lifting, sorting through AI news across the internet to show you how to actually use AI in your workflows, every day of the week.

This happens on our simple learning platform along with support from our team and a community AI-curious people like you to support you on your learning journey.

In a nutshell we created the ultimate way to learn practical AI skills through a comprehensive learning centre supported by a collaborative network.


Up To Date AI Education



In our AI Library, you'll discover all the necessary resources to increase your AI knowledge at your own pace.

Explore our library of workflow guides and AI resources, along with a archive of event recordings and practical challenges, all crafted for a high-quality learning experience. 

Additionally, you get access to our proven ChatGPT (Prompt Engineering) course, which is the ideal foundation for your AI skills.



To stay up-to-date in the ever-evolving landscape of AI, every week you’ll have access to multiple live events, new workflow guides, and 1 challenge/week designed to apply the theoretical knowledge you've acquired in the Learning Center.

If you decide to engage, you’ll learn in a practical and active manner, while also socializing (and competing) with fellow community members. If not, you can observ other's that are applying AI to their real world scenarios.



The AI Advantage team of 10 members is always on standby to lend you a hand when you get stuck or you run into any questions related to AI.

One thing we take pride in is having created an active community (over more than a year) that supports each other as new AI developments become available. This way we can continue learning together rather than alone in-order-to make the most of this new technological revolution.

What do our Members Say?



What Does The Community Exactly Include?


🗺️ Acquire Practical AI Skills with our Learning Paths

We organize all the content in the community into step-by-step paths that result in practical AI skills.

Available Learning Path:
Building GPTs

Coming Learning Paths (in the next weeks):
GPT Actions, Company Branding, Music Video, ChatGPT Custom Instructions, Midjourney Book Creator and more...



🎖️ Unlock Workflows with our Guides & Resources


Our AI knowledge library is a dedicated space on the platform, where our team curates and transforms the latest news into actionable step by-step guides and valuable resources.

Thanks to the categories and the search function, you can easily find the topics you are interested in and apply this valuable knowledge anytime.

Our AI Library is regularly updated with a variety of resources covering a wide range of AI topics, ensuring you have the latest information at your fingertips.


🏇Learn Practical AI Skills in our Weekly Challenges

Because the best way to learn is by doing, every week you'll have access to 1 Tutorial that includes a detailed explanation of a concrete task performed with AI.

Each tutorial comes as a written guide that is introduced in a weekly 30-minute live event which will take you step by step through the process you need to follow to complete an optional weekly Challenge.

If you decide to participate, you can share your result with the community on the platform. This way, you'll not only participate in the weekly ranking but also receive feedback from your peers, helping you accelerate your learning.



📆 Regular Live Events & Lectures


Every week, you'll have at least two live lectures on AI tools and workflows that can make your professional and personal life easier held by various members of the AIA team.

Next to the lectures we also currently hold unrecorded weekly office hours that act as a group consulting sessions, but unfortunately these office hours won't be possible as the community keeps growing so don't expect these to go on forever.

We realize that not everyone has time to attend or re-watch all the recordings and that's why we summarize every single event in 5 bullet points + provide you with chapters so that you can immediately find the nuggets of knowledge that are relevant to you.


🎥 Explore our Extensive Library of AI Event Recordings

By joining the community you get access to all AI educational event recordings that have been created since June 2023.

Our event recording library consists of 40+ hours of educational videos including 20+ lectures on ChatGPT techniques w/ Igor,  5+ hours of Midjounrey training, and content on no-code automation, bot building, and much more.

For the busy each video includes a 5 bullet point summary and chapters.



❓Ask Questions & Get Feedback


Being part of our community means you can ask questions and receive answers from both peers and team members. The collective knowledge within the community will help speed up your learning process and lead you to solutions that might have taken hours to figure out on your own.

You're also encouraged to give and ask for feedback on projects. Having multiple perspectives is a way to enrich and improve any project.

We have created a psychologically safe environment that ensures people are free to share ideas and opinions independent of your experience level.

What our members say:

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🧠 Catch Up Easily With Monthly Summaries

One of the best ways to learn is by actively participating in the community and attending events. But I know that in a busy life like ours, that can be challenging for some.

That's why you'll receive 1 newsletter a month that summarizes everything that has happened in the community.

This summary is carefully crafted so that in 3 minutes you'll have a clear idea of all the innovations and learnings of all our members so you can stay on top of AI, even if you don’t have a lot of time available.

If there's a topic that interests you, every section includes a link to the community with all of the details about it.



🙋‍♂️ Connect with other AI Enthusiasts & Practitioners


All the professionals in the community come from the most diverse backgrounds imaginable: from doctors to individuals involved in the world of sports, including marketers, business owners, and more.

Moreover, each one is located in a different part of the globe.

What unites us is our passion for generative AI, a clear belief in its transformative power in almost any field, and the desire to lead this new technological revolution.

With this common passion and such diverse capabilities, the opportunity for networking and generating joint projects is limitless.

What our members say:



There Is More...


🤖 The Proven Prompt Engineering Course


Master ChatGPT in Just 4 Hours & Elevate Your Skills Beyond 98% of Users!

Until recently, one of the most highly valued products of The AI Advantage has been the Prompt Engineering Course. It consists of 30+ educational videos where I teach you all the techniques to get started with any Large Language Model (LLM).

The course is designed so that you can learn how to effectively use ChatGPT from scratch.

It's focused on ChatGPT, but the techniques can be applied to any other LLM(Claude, Gemini, Mixtral,...).

Two months ago, after lots of thinking (partly motivated by feedback from course members) I shifted my focus entirely to the community as I realized it’s the only way to offer up to date information in such a rapidly changing space.

That’s why I stopped selling the Prompt Engineering Course. It still exists, but now only community members have access to it.

The course, valued at $297 is free if you join the AI Advantage Community.

Includes Our Largest Template With 1000+ Presets


With so many prompts, custom instructions, and information to create GPTs, keeping things organized is key to advancing your knowledge. That's why one of the most valued resources by people who are already in the community is our Notion template.

It functions as a database for all of the prompts and templates we discuss in our educational material. We made sure it is extremely that is easy and intuitive to navigate, allows locating any content in seconds. The best part is that you don't even need to know how to use Notion to make the most of it. (Everything is explained simply and step-by-step.) This Template is guaranteed to save you hours of work when working with ChatGPT or any other LLM.





Why Should I Join?



Is This Community For You?


The AI Advantage Community is for you if you are...

  • An non-technical entrepreneur seeking to streamline business operations with AI technology.
  • A knowledge worker aiming to boost productivity and efficiency through AI solutions.
  • A small business owner looking to automate tasks and prioritize strategic growth.
  • A marketer using AI insights to optimize campaigns for better results.
  • An educator enhancing learning experiences with AI tools.
  • A researcher delving into AI's potential in their field for practical applications.
  • A creative individual exploring AI-driven creativity for new work possibilities.
  • A technology enthusiast eager to learn about AI advancements.
  • A career professional maintaining relevance in an AI-driven market to advance career prospects.
  • A business leader fostering innovation and using AI to stay competitive.

NOT for you if you are...

  • Only interested in AI for Development (There are other communities that target and serve intermediate-advanced developers well. This is not our primary focus)
  • You disagree with our core values of Respectful Dialogue, Continuous Learning,and Transparency
  • Skeptical about the benefits of AI and unwilling to explore its potential for transforming industries and enhancing workflows.
  • Looking for a quick fix or magic solution without understanding that AI tools often just enhance your existing abilities.
  • Resistant to change and preference to stick to traditional methods, rather than embracing innovative technologies like generative AI.


Community Pricing

AI Advantage Community
3 Months Access
Per Quarter
Our Core Membership
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Event Recordings (Since June 23)
Prompt Engineering Course (Worth 297 $)
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AI Advantage Community
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Ask Questions
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AI Advantage Community VIP
12 Months Access
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Our VIP Experience
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30 min One to One Onboarding w/ Igor
2x 45 min One to One Consulting w/ Igor
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Why should I pay for a subscription if I can learn about AI for free online?
Learning about AI for free is possible but comes with challenges such as outdated information and the vast amount of content, not all valuable.

The AI Advantage's YouTube channel does provide quality content, yet faces limitations in updating videos and addressing all topic requests from followers.

The AI Advantage Community simplifies keeping up with AI through regular updates and shared practical applications among members, enabling faster learning through curated materials and better results through collaboration.
How does The AI Advantage Community keeps up with AI?
We stay at the cutting edge of generative AI advancements and technologies by leveraging a dedicated team of 9 professionals (5 full-time, 4 freelancers) who keep the community healthy by researching, testing and teaching new tools and techniques every week.

Each team member has been hired from within the community ensuring an ideal culture fit.
I've never used AI before; is this community for me?
Yes, the AI Advantage Community is absolutely for beginners with no prior AI experience. Our resources are designed to teach AI from the ground up, with a structured learning path that starts with the fundamentals. You'll get beginner-friendly tutorials, hands-on projects, and guidance from experts to ensure you build a solid AI knowledge base at your own pace. The community welcomes and supports newcomers to AI.
I use AI on a daily basis; can I still learn something from this community?
Absolutely! Even as an experienced AI user, you can still greatly benefit from this community. Our continuous focus is on providing relevant, cutting-edge AI knowledge through curated resources that keep you ahead of the latest advancements.

You'll gain new insights on innovative, real-world applications across industries and diverse perspectives from professionals in different fields.
Additionally, you have access to networking, collaboration opportunities with like-minded experts, and direct guidance from AI leaders to further elevate your skills. Membership ensures you stay at the forefront while refining your expertise.
This seems overwhelming. How do I even consume all this?
Life gets busy and that's why we have multiple ways that ensure you can stay on top of the community knowledge:

  • Our monthly summary newsletter
  • Event Summaries and Chapters
  • Q&A section
Additionally, whenever you are interested in a specific topic the search function will be your best ally. Simply enter your keyword into the search box and you'll find all community content related to your interest in mere seconds. This way, you can check out what interests you the most without losing any time.
What if the topic I care about is not covered?
As a community member, you can request that we address a specific topic in one of the live classes or workflow guides by submitting it to the Feedback form. We continuously monitor all submissions and community activity to inform the educational materials we develop for you.
Do I get a money back guarantee?
For other products like eBooks and courses, we have always offered a 14-day no-questions-asked refund, having sold thousands with hardly ever needing to give refunds.
However, The AI Advantage Community is different. It's about joining a group, not just buying a product. It takes more than a month to truly appreciate how great it is, and having people join and leave quickly degrades the group dynamic for others. Therefore, there are no refunds for joining The AI Advantage Community.
But, if you're familiar with my work from my YouTube channel or previous products, you know I stand by my word. Trust in my commitment to quality and integrity is your guarantee.
Can I pay on a monthly basis?
Currently, we offer only quarterly or annual payment options.

We've found that a commitment of at least three months is essential for members to fully integrate, create deeper connections, experience the community's value, and see tangible results from the resources we provide.

Moreover, having a stable member base, rather than monthly entry and exit, avoids disruptions, maintaining a focused and cohesive environment for everyone involved.

"If you have any questions related to the membership, send me an email to igor@myaiadvantage.com, and I'll be happy to help you. All regular programming (Events, Challenges, Workflow Guides) are subject to change depending on the community needs as it evolves."

- Igor

One more thing... Time to Meet the Team